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Windows Installation guidelines

 The OpenRep software is not OS dependent. It can function in any operating system which has Java Runtime Environment or JRE. Therefore the first step to install this software is to create JRE in your machine.

1. In Windows machine you can install Java from here. This is version 8
64 bit machine
32 bit machine
2. Download the OpenRep tarball from and extract it with Winrar extracting software    to your destination,  for eg My Documents
Identify the file named 'OpenRep.jar' Right click it and open it with Java . In some machine the OpenRep.jar might show as OpenRep. See the type of file to identify the Jar file.See the below image 
open with Java

  1. Open your software by double clicking your launcher. You may observe that repertories are not displayed in the list. You have to import repertories from the downloaded OpenRep folder.  In this folder you have to select  the following files to import the repertories
                   'boen' refers to Boenninghausen's therapeutic pocket book
                   'boer' refers to Boericke's clinical repertory
                   'bogboen' refers to Boger Boenninghausen's characteristics repertory
                   'kent_es' refers to Kent's repertory
                   'publicum' refers to Repertorium publicum
                   'sai' refers to Sensation as if by H A Roberts
                   'bach' refers to Bach flower remedies

It is to be noted that only 'Kent', 'Boericke', 'Repertorium publicum' and 'Boenninghausen's therapeutic pocket book' works in OpenRep version1. In OpenRep
version 2 rest of the repertories namely 'Bach', 'Sensation as if', 'Boger Boenninghausen's characteristics repertory' and Repertorium publicum will be functional.

made in ubuntu

Document made with KompoZer