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The first free homoeopathic repertory software

Open-Rep which was released by Vladimir Polony several years ago went into oblivion when the proprietary software was launched. A sincere effort is done by the host of this website to keep the flame of open source alive. In an attempt to this regard, both source code as well as the software are hosted for download. The source code of the software which was unavailable was retrieved by decompiling the class files using JD GUI software.

Recently we were fortunate to add the some clinical indications from the materia medicas of our classical authors especially Dr John Henry Clarke. These notes were compiled by Dr V A Balachandran  from Kottayam, Kerala, India, who was my mentor during my university days. He is one of the busiest and successful practitioner. He is an avid reader of Clarke'e Dictionary of materia medica.These clinical indications were compiled from his notes which were jotted down during a span of 40 years of his ardent reading. These symptoms are gradually being added to the Kent's repertory. I would like to mention a special thanks to Dr Abiya Pokkattu, the first person who volunteered to confirm the symptoms. The process of addition is still going on.

Since it is a collective work, I would like to coin a new name for this repertory and it is "Collective Repertory"

OpenRep Collective Download    OpenRep version 2 Download  

Source code of OpenRep Collective                            Source code of version 2


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